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Shipping Policy

If you have any questions regarding our shipping policies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Shipping: Animals are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight through Reptiles2You.

Due to the fluctuating nature of shipping live animals, after completion of animal purchase(s), the customer will receive a shipping invoice via email. Animals will NOT be shipped out until payment of the invoice is confirmed. Invoices must be paid in full within 72 hours from the time that the invoice was sent. If payment is not made, the purchase price of the animal, minus a 25% restocking fee, will be refunded to the customer.


If you would like to request a shipping quote, please do so BEFORE completing payment for the animal(s).


Our shipping days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Any orders placed after 11am EST on either of those days will be shipped out the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Customers will receive a confirmation email with tracking number once their order has been shipped.

Live Arrival Guarantee Policy:

Every shipment we send comes with our Live Arrival Guarantee. This means that if your order arrives with issues pertained to animal health, we will replace the order with store credit in the amount of the loss, not including the price of shipping.

For the safety of the animal(s), we recommend that all shipments be sent to a hub and held for pickup and NOT shipped directly to your door.

Our Live Arrival Guarantee becomes VOID if:

1.) You request that your order be shipped out on a day NOT recommended by Fedex as safe for live animal shipments and/or when temperatures fall outside of the safe range. (Anywhere along the route where temperatures are below 40°F or above 90°F is outside of the safe range)

2.) You request shipping parameters that go against our recommendations.

3.) Shipment is lost or delayed by courier.

4.) The shipment is forwarded to another address. Forwarding of packages results in an extra day or more in transit.

5.) There is an issue with your shipment and you do not make a claim within one hour of shipment arrival. In the event of any issue, we REQUIRE a clear digital picture of the animal in question before a replacement/store credit can be issued. This picture can be sent to

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